Student Leadership

Student Leadership is an important part of our vision and commitment to students.  We have high aspirations for our students and believe that developing them as leaders plays a key role in community transformation and improving their life chances.

Senior School Ambassadors

The highest level of school leadership for any students in the school.  Chairing and steering the whole school college council, as well as meeting with the Headteacher on a weekly basis to discuss important matters across the school.

College Council

Represent your tutor group at your year group college council meetings which are held monthly.  Raise issues that you would like addressed across the school that have been put to you by your tutor groups.  Student voice that affects whole school issues.


Supporting the Senior Ambassadors and staff to support good behaviour and attitude to learning across the school. You will be a role model to all students throughout your final year at Regents Park.

Anti-Bullying Ambassadors

This team of students support, promote and deliver key messages and training to peers across the school on the issues surrounding bullying with a view on reducing incidents of bullying across the school.  Training is provided by the Diana Award which is a national recognised qualification.

Student Mentors

If you want to help others through their start at school, then becoming a student mentor is an excellent opportunity for you to develop you leadership skills.  You will get enhanced leadership training to help you work with students in year 7 start their journey at RPCC whilst also developing you as a leader.

Cyber Ambassadors

Join 15,000 students from all across Hampshire in becoming fully trained and supported in leading on cyber safety inside and out of school.  This is a great opportunity for peer to peer leadership and support.

Sports Leaders

Official level 1-2 sports qualification delivered by the PE department during KS4, which can lead onto further qualifications in sports.  The leadership skills that are learnt during this course support students throughout their every day schooling and beyond.

PE Champions

Those interested in PE and sport can apply to become PE Champions, where they will be supported and trained to develop confidence and leadership skills that are used to work with students at RPCC and during visits to support our feeder schools.  The role of a Sports Champion develops strong community links, raising money for charity and working to enrich the life of all they work with.

Admissions Mentors

Arriving at a new school mid-way through the year can be a daunting experience, but our new students are always supported by an Admission Mentor.  They are responsible for ensuring new students get to the right places, make new friends and understand how the school systems work.

Transition Ambassadors

This is a leadership opportunity for Year 9 & 10 students to support the transition and induction of new Year 7s.  Students are expected to support the transition day in July and also Year 7’s first day at the start of term.  It is an ideal stepping stone for future leadership opportunities such as Senior School Ambassadors.

Also librarians, production team, built into the curriculum, for example ‘ Sports Leadership’ qualification. Interview Panels (they do the tour and are interview candidates for posts) etc

Open Evening School Ambassadors

Our yearly Open Evenings are events to remember and a key reason for their success is the support of the Open Evening Ambassadors.  This leadership opportunity is open to all students in all year groups and is a good starting point for students’ leadership journeys.

Creative ARTS & DT Ambassadors

As a Creative Arts student leader, you would be involved with all showcases and extra-curricular clubs and classes that Creative Arts & DT run. You would be in charge of one subject area and help to promote it throughout the school.  You would also get the opportunity to be entered for the Bronze Arts Award.

Cultural Ambassadors

Cultural Ambassadors plan, promote and deliver various cultural celebrations and awareness of diverse groups in our community. You will learn great collaboration techniques as well as leaderships qualities in this role with a view of underpinning our British values.

Wellbeing Champions

To look out for people and offer them support whenever they need it and be a  trusted member of our community. Students will be non judgmental and be able to deliver wellbeing themes to students. Students will continue to promote wellbeing across the school.

EAL Ambassadors

EAL Ambassadors will support other students at the school who speak limited or no English. You will be asked to help with students new to the country and support EAL families at events and tours. You will also be expected to represent your language positively.

External Opportunities

Throughout students’ time at Regents Park, we have many exciting external opportunities which allow our students nurture their leadership credentials in a variety of settings. For example, we currently have a number of students involved in a city-wide project called Pathways 2 Health.

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