Social Sciences

Curriculum Statement

At Regents Park Community College we strive to ensure that the Social Sciences teaching and learning ensures that students gain a coherent knowledge and understanding of Britain’s past and that of the wider world.  It should inspire pupils’ curiosity to know more about the journey they have been on and where the fit in the world.  We aim to inspire pupils to ask deep questions, think critically, weigh evidence, sift arguments, and develop perspective and judgement.


Though mutual respect and creativity we encourage independent thought as well as debate and discussions on issues relevant to the lives of students.  We encourage students to be the best version of themselves through varied activities that inspire and make use of the creative and diverse nature of the students we teach.  We aim to embed and promote good literacy skills as well as making strong links to examination skills from the English curriculum, such as evaluation and interpretation.  We strive to provide a wide ranging and engaging curriculum that builds on Key Stage 2 learning and prepares students for Key Stage 4 and beyond.  We aim to provide access to key historical and geographical skills whilst looking to enhance student’s knowledge of the impact of the past on their lives today and how they can impact the wider world. We strive to ensure that all students build on their cultural capital through out of class activities and visits that will embed and enhance knowledge as well as develop curiosity and a wider understanding of the curriculum they follow.


To create a variety of in class and out of classroom experiences with educational visits that are integral to build up students’ cultural capital, this will enhance the weekly lessons they receive – 2 periods at Key Stage 3 and 3 at Key Stage 4.  This will then build up skills linked to a solid foundation of knowledge.  This knowledge will be gained through an interleaved curriculum at Key Stage 4 to support knowledge retention that leads to appropriate and focused assessment.  Through mutual planning and resource sharing we can ensure that students are exposed to the best quality teaching and learning on offer at Regents Park as well as preparing them with sound skills to pursue either subject at GCSE to contribute to their EBACC education.  Students will be supported when it comes to choosing between the two main Social Sciences subjects to continue with at Key Stage 4.  Our curriculum is transparent and shared at a basic level in exercise books and on a larger scale with the “curriculum journey” posters in classrooms throughout the curriculum area.   Out of classroom learning is also crucial to develop skills and knowledge – this is done through the online platform of Google Classroom.


Students’ progress is closely monitored on a 3 tier system with classroom teachers regularly reporting on progress this is then tracked and monitored by the CL who then reports to the Senior Leadership Team link for the area.  Any under-performance is highlighted and interventions put in place.  Assessment is varied across Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 and allows students to demonstrate the knowledge acquired as well as building and developing the key skills across all social science subjects: describe, explain, analyse and evaluate.  This takes the form of in class assessment as well as more formalised assessments in the examination hall for Key Stage 4.  The curriculum offer is reviewed and amended based on staff and student feedback collated over the course of the academic year – and standards are closely monitored by the Curriculum Leader who will undertake activities such as lesson drop ins, book sampling and student interviews.  This ensures that all aspects of the curriculum are being covered and that quality assessment and feedback is in place.  Regular Curriculum Leader meetings with Senior Leadership Team and monitoring presentations will ensure that the Curriculum Area is moving forward in the right way and any issues are tackled promptly and effectively.

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