Regents Park Community College library is situated in the heart of our school on the ground floor.  It is a light, bright and comfortable place for our students to work and read.


What does the library offer?

Our library is an ideal place to complete homework with plenty of resources and help from our two librarians.  We have a large range of resources, mostly available for loan.  In fact, there are over 12,000 books available!  These vary from classics such as Wuthering Heights (Deputy Headteacher Ms Webster’s favourite) to the popular Attack on Titan manga series.  The library also has special collections of books, including ‘When a Book Might Help’, where students can find books on a range of issues they may need support with.  New books are always being purchased and students’ requests make up most of the stock.  DVDs can also be borrowed.  The large library computer suite is used for homework and to enable independent study to help foster enthusiasm for learning.  Year 7 and 8 students will attend a library lesson with their English teacher weekly, in which they will access the Accelerated Reader program.  Accelerated Reader offers quizzes on thousands of books to enhance students reading comprehension.

On Fridays, after school, the library hosts a general knowledge quiz, which students can win edible prizes for first and second place.  Book club is held at lunch time on the first Friday of the month, where students can choose their favourite book from a selection.  The favourite is then displayed in the library.  At the end of the year, the favourite book of each month is reviewed to get The Regents Park Book of the Year!


How can I get involved?

At Regents Park we have a reliable, hard-working team of Student Librarians who help to care for the library, it’s resources and visitors.  They enjoy the challenge of learning new skills such as using the Dewey Decimal System and helping others to find books.  Each year, students have the opportunity to join the team, earn recognition and rewards and do something important for the school community that they can take pride in.

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