Summer School


  • To support secondary school transition
  • Promote school’s ethos
  • Fun and educational activities
  • Build positive relationships with parents/families and community

SPICE is a model which key is to promote student – centred, nurturing and community based learning.

  • Social – board games, cooking, dance and swimming
  • Physical – swimming, dance and sports
  • Intellectual – languages, reading, English and science
  • Creative/Cultural – art, dance and cooking
  • Emotional – swimming, dance, art and cooking


“I liked cooking because it was fun to experience how to cook”

“I really liked it!!!”

“It was really good”

“Very good school 10/10”

“The staff were kind”

“This week was awesome”

“Best summer school”

“I didn’t like leaving”

“The teachers are the best”

“ich liebe dich”

“Sofia had an amazing time. Thank you so much for welcoming her to warmly!”

“Aimee was extremely nervous about attending so getting 3 out of 5 days for her was great and is going to help a lot come September as she made new friends and that’s not easy for her.  Thank you”

“We cannot thank the team enough. Our daughter is autistic and had a panic attack on the first day and was unable to get out of the car. Their kindness, understanding, gentle approach and adjustments meant that by the end of the week she was going in alone and completing the whole day. She loved it and made new friends and her severe anxiety for September has been massively reduced. It’s literally been life changing for her – thank you all so much.”

“Thank you for providing the summer school, which gave Henry a chance to meet some of his year group. It has helped to settle some of the nerves he was feeling about starting in September.”

“The pinwheels were the best lunch apparently.”

“Bella had a fab week, she was very apprehensive about going, but it has definitely made her more comfortable with starting in September. Along with giving her the opportunity to get familiar with the school and make some new friends. Possibly add music lessons if available”

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