Referrals & Sessions


Referrals to the Counselling Service are made through the pastoral team and require parental consent.  Once the referral has been received the counsellor will meet with the student and an assessment will be carried out.  From this initial assessment, the counsellor and student can arrange a time and day that works best for the student going forward and any presenting issues which they would like to discuss in future sessions.


A 50-minute session will be scheduled once a fortnight, usually on the understanding of 6 sessions being offered.  However, this will be reviewed throughout, and the counsellor can offer further sessions if required. 

The student will sign a contract prior to counselling sessions commencing to say that they understand the following:- 

The student has been made aware that everything they talk about during the sessions is confidential, nothing is ever discussed outside of the counselling room, unless the counsellor feels that there is a safeguarding concern.

Failure to attend 2 sessions will result in the counselling slot being reallocated, however, the student is always able to rejoin the waiting list at any time.

Parents/carers have been made aware of attendance to counselling.

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