Child on Child Sexual Abuse & Harassment

Regents Park Community College recognises that children can harm children.  Child on Child abuse will not be considered “banter” or be ignored as a “joke” or as “kids being kids”. We take any abuse seriously. We have a zero tolerance of any type of sexual abuse and issues are dealt with accordingly. Victims will be supported and their views will be considered when dealing with a perpetrator of abuse. Parents of both parties will be kept informed and the police may be involved.

A significant aspect of our approach to child on child abuse is education. This is done through our PSHE programme, tutor time and assemblies, as well as our recent ‘Call it Out’ campaign. When dealing with an incident, both victim and perpetrator will be educated about unacceptable behaviours and consequences of these. Both will be offered support and where appropriate, referred to counselling. Often children need to be taught that they should not tolerate certain behaviours or language directed at them.

We refer to Southampton Local Authority Child on Child Abuse toolkit to ensure our processes are informed and consistent. In line with the recently updated Keeping Children Safe in Education statutory guidance, Regents Park aims to inform and support children and families against this abuse.

For more information on what constitutes child on child abuse and how parents can support young people, see the Parent and Carer Guidance Leaflet below.

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