Pupil Premium

Statement on Pupil Premium Provision

In April 2011, the Government introduced the Pupil Premium Grant.  The purpose of this funding is to enable schools to meet the needs of children from low income families and to support them in meeting academic targets.

This funding provides additional resources for children who have received free school meals in the past 6 years.  Looked After Children (LAC) also receive extra funding as do Post Looked After Children (children who are looked after immediately before being adopted, or who were placed on a special guardianship or residence order immediately after being looked after)

A premium was also introduced in 2012 – 2013, for children whose parents are currently serving in the armed forces or who have served in the armed forces within the past 3 years.  From September 2014 this was extended to those children, whose parents have served in the past 4 years.  This service premium is designed to address the emotional and social well-being of those students.

The amount allocated for each child is as follows:

Free School MealsLAC/post LACService Children

Schools are free to decide how this funding is spent.  Regents Park Community College ensures all pupils, regardless of background, achieves more than they ever thought possible by:

  • Maximising academic success for all pupils through the relentless pursuit of excellent teaching and learning.
  • Understanding and caring fully for each individual through the continuous development and evaluation of our academic and pastoral systems.
  • Working in partnership with parents, carers and our community to achieve excellence for all pupils.

Strategy for Pupil Premium (PP) Grant 2023/2024

The most important factor in predicting a child’s future academic attainment is prior attainment. The next most important factor is poverty. Material deprivation can influence educational outcomes by adversely affecting the home environment. Deprivation is commonly associated with other factors which can influence children’s outcomes; ill-health, family stress, an increased chance of reduced parental engagement in their child’s education and lower levels of cultural and social capital.

Our goal is to reduce this influence as much as we can within our control. We strive to reduce the soft prejudice of low expectations and focus on removing barriers to education. We also aim to provide pupils with a wide range of extra-curricular activity to help build cultural capital. The school will consider the challenges faced by these pupils and aims to support them through careful planning, regular tracking, targeted support and tailored interventions to ensure all children can succeed academically.

For the current academic year, we have received a Pupil Premium grant of £320,850 in respect of the Pupil Premium Grant.  The main barriers to academic success our pupil premium students may face are:

  • For some pupils there is already an academic gap vs non PP pupils
    The school has a traditional uniform with high expectations of compliance and some families may struggle to purchase uniform.
    The school has a high number of SEND students that are also PP students.

Please access link below for a breakdown of how the school spends its funding:

 In a brief summation students entitled to Pupil Premium funding at RPCC are supported with the following strategies:

  • One to one tuition or small group work including revision and breakfast clubs for Year 11 students.
  • Pastoral, learning and behaviour support
  • Alternative and flexible curriculum provision
  • Parent support advisor
  • Counselling services
  • Access to curriculum visits and enrichment activities, these activities are sometimes offered subsidised
  • Access to after school clubs
  • Additional time set aside for tracking
  • Support with uniform and PE kit
  • Staff training focused on supporting narrowing the gap between PP and non PP students
  • Academic mentoring

The success of the funding is measured against the examination results and these strategies are reviewed by the school and governors annually, usually around November.

Impact of Funding 2022/23

During the financial year 2022/23, Regents Park Community College was allocated funding of £273,130 for students who have claimed free school meals at any time in the past six years and this amounts to a Pupil Premium funding.

Student progress is judged by the Progress 8 performance measure. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the exam season was suspended and as a result performance measures were also suspended for schools this means there is a gap between 2019 and 2022.

Impact Summary 

Pupil Premium figures – Results 2018, 2019, 2022 & 2023


Estimates until January 2024 published data

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