Health & Social Care


The Health and Social Care course is designed to widen student’s understanding of support available throughout different life cycles.  A skill that is developed throughout this course is empathetic understanding of all differing experiences of people across society.  This spans all levels of society with different special stances including economic, political and religious.  This course offers a practical introduction to life and work in Health and Social care sector, which is the fastest growing sector in the UK.  Due to this growth, there is a demand for Health and Social care employees across a number of industries, which this course provides the research for.

Students are given an understanding of how people are cared for, independently at homes, health care centres and support plans.  All with the focus of enhancing the quality of life by improving health and society.  

We aim to provide a diverse and rich curriculum with a variety of research and practical activities to provide a sound base for progression into level three and the skills for the workforce.


Students will focus on two aspects of care – the health sector and the social sector.  There are three units to complete during the two-year course with three lessons a week.  Two of the units will be assessed coursework.  The first one focusing on supporting different individuals through life events and the second unit focusing on creative and therapeutic activities.  The third unit is an exam during the second year with a focus on principles of the Health and Social care setting which contributes to 40% of the final grade.  As a Cambridge Nationals course, it is a vocational course which combines practical and theoretical elements to introduce and develop skills in the health and social sector.  However it is equally as challenging as that as a GCSE.


Students will develop their knowledge and technical skills relevant to the Health and Social Care sector including transferable research skills.  The progress of each student will be closely monitored and tracked with coursework undertaken in a controlled environment. Students will enhance their written communication skills but also oral skills in a practical learning environment as health and well-being interviews and plans are created.  This course offers many transferable skills in all communication areas and cross curricular ties to biology and sociology.  This course is beneficial to anybody who would like a career in the Health and Social care sector.

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