Year 6 Transition

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Year 7 Staff 2021

RPCC are pleased to present the tutor team for Year 7s starting in September.


Due to the increase in Covid cases and the recent government updates, Transition 2021 is looking different from previous years. Sadly, there will be no formal Transition Day on site. Instead, much of the transition work is remote with primary and secondary teachers liaising to share information and make sure that Year 6s are supported as they prepare to move to Regents Park.


Zoom Meetings and Visits!

Headteacher, Mrs Barnes, is visiting Trust primary schools to meet Year 6 students and speak directly to their teachers while Head of Year, Mr Gates, and Head of Year Support, Mrs Blakely, are working tirelessly to speak to every primary school which has students moving to Regents Park. This is no mean feat with over 25 primary feeders sending students to Regents Park. Currently Mr Gates is filming a welcome video to send to primary schools which will include a virtual tour, introduction to key staff and interviews with current Year 7 students.


Work Booklets

There is an area of our website where all documentation can be found and the learning booklet ‘Regents Park Ready’ is available along with a set of ethos challenges from Head of Year, Mr Gates. Students will receive paper copies of the learning booklet which should be handed to tutors in September. Students will be rewarded for completion with certificates and those who put in the most effort will be invited to the first ‘Hot Chocolate with the Headteacher’ in September. All other paper documents which have been sent to parents are also online. Once permission has been given, students can also activate their Google Classroom accounts.


First Days of Term

We are currently planning the first days of next term. Of course, our plans are continually being adapted according to the national picture, but we are hoping to have Year 7 in on their own for the start of term so that they can find their feet and get used to the site. Students will spend most of their first day in tutor groups taking part in fun team-building activities, touring the building and meeting staff and other students. There will also be a focus on numeracy and literacy as we support students in re-establishing learning habits.



Teachers and Curriculum Leaders are also revising their schemes of work so that they support students who have had a very different experience of learning over the last two school years. Year 7s can expect some engaging learning and ‘WOW lessons’ once they arrive. We will also be introducing a Regents Park ‘Ethos Loyalty Card’ based around our ethos of: RESPECT; PRIDE; CREATIVITY and CHALLENGE, which will encourage students to embrace the school’s culture and the wider opportunities on offer.


Finally, we are a school with a strong rewards culture and we look forward to rewarding new students for completing their ‘Regents Park Ready’ booklets before they arrive and their ‘Ethos Loyalty Cards’ once they start. Who will be part of the first Headteacher’s Hot Chocolate celebration? Who will be the first Year 7 to receive an ethos badge? Which students will be rewarded in the first Hot 50 Celebration of the year? It could be you!



Moving from primary to secondary school is an exciting, but sometimes scary experience. Here at Regents Park, we aim to make this important transition as stress free as possible!
Firstly, we have a number of Open Events, including our formal Open Evening and Open Sessions.

Open Events

We open the whole site on Open Evening and children, with their parents, are encouraged to mix with staff and current students, see our facilities and take part in a number of activities. We are proud of our school and our students, so in the autumn term we host open mornings and afternoons where parents can see us in action. A guided tour by a member of the Leadership Team ensures that parents see all we have to offer!

Transition Day

In July, our new intake usually visits the school for the formal transition day. Students have the opportunity to meet tutors and teachers and sample some of the new subjects they will study at Regents Park. Most importantly, students make new friends and this supports their transition to secondary school. Sadly, Transition Day for 2021 has been cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, but we are hopeful that these will be reintroduced for the following year.


Staff Links

The schools in our Trust – and beyond – work together to support families through the transition process. Regents Park staff liaise with the teachers from the primary schools. The Headteacher, the Head of Year and the Head of Year Support visit primary schools and usually meet all current Year 6 students who have chosen Regents Park. This year we are working around Covid restrictions to meet as many students as possible, whether that be face to face or virtually.

For students with special educational needs, the move from primary to secondary can be more challenging. That is why our SENCO collaborates with the SENCOs in the primary schools. Information, provision maps and advice are shared. There are a number of ways more vulnerable students are supported, including additional visits to the schools and small group activities.


First Day Nerves? No need!

On the first day of term, Year 7 students have the whole school to themselves. This allows them to get used to the site and routines before the other year groups join them. Year 7s have their own separate outdoor area for break and lunchtime and their own indoor venue to purchase food.
At the end of the day, for a fixed period of time, Year 7 leave ten minutes early.

Parents Need Support Too!

Transition isn’t just about the students. Parents often worry about the process too. At Regents Park, we want to make sure that parents are kept informed and are just as supported during this important time. Usually, we hold a Year 6 Parents’ Evening where parents can meet senior leaders and the Head of Year 7, as well as learn more about routines and expectations. It is also the perfect time to ask any questions. This year the Year 6 Parents' Evening has had to be cancelled due to Covid but we are hopeful to meet parents at other events next term. In the meantime we will keep the website updated with information, contacts and even a video event!

Contact with Parents

Other planned events that support Year 7 parents include a Welcome Evening and a Subject Parents' Evening.