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How to Use your technology to help in an emergency 

There has been lots of information that can make technology feel like a risk or danger for young people. However following the National outcry following the Sarah Everard death, many people want to know they can feel safe when they are out in public.

Please see the document below that shows how you can use an iPhone to make an emergency call:

Making an Emergency Call

In addition there are other hints and tips that you can use to help feel safe and keep in contact with your children/parents:

Did you know there is a little known location link that you can use with the ‘paperclip’ in WhatsApp – which if a message is opened and you press and hold the paperclip – you can send live location to people of your choosing for example if walking home.

If you want to find more details on this and using technology to help you then please follow the link below:

How to Make an Emergency SOS Call on an iPhone | Free Online Safety Guide | National Online Safety


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