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From the 1st April 2015 City Catering left the council and became an independent Social Enterprise in the form of a Charitable Trust, funded by the schools that use its services and governed by a board of trustees.  This exciting development has the support of schools across the city and means that in the future the service will be in a better position to develop services that meet the evolving needs of schools, more able to compete commercially and as a charitable trust will be focused on supporting schools, parents and children across the whole “Food in Schools” agenda.

Parents and pupils can be assured that this innovative development will have no adverse impact on the school meal service they currently receive or the price paid.  This initiative is designed to ultimately allow the service to develop its service delivery on a school by school basis.

Students are able to enjoy the facilities on offer by City Catering, which includes breakfasts, grab and go snacks during morning break and hot and cold lunches.  We also offer themed lunches for example, Languages Day and Christmas Lunch.  We can also cater for special diets for example, Gluten Free.

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