Year 7 PSHE Day

Year 7 completed their first PSHE day at Regents Park on Tuesday. Their level of engagement was impressive with our presenters, including those who delivered remotely, commenting on their maturity. and enthusiasm.  During the day, students took part in a range of topics relevant to their Year group.

Mr Sinclair led a session on team-building skills where students had to create a product. Another  session focused on increasing student awareness of anti social behaviour, how to avoid it and become the hero for others in their lives! Other sessions included developing their LORIC skills (Leadership, Organisation, Resilience, Initiative & Communication) and understanding what makes healthy relationships with their family and friends.

The fire service ran a remote session on fire safety in the home and creating their own fire escape plan and Solent Mind ran a session on the very topical subject of mental health which included investigating strategies to improve students own mental wellbeing.

We are grateful to our own staff, who as usual went above and beyond to deliver PSHE to Year 7 today. One teacher delivered a live lesson from home having already prepared a Loom lesson for his usual timetabled class, another prepared substantial resources and another was part of a double act, where their co-teacher was remote!  Thanks also to external providers whose expertise makes for deeper PSHE learning and who also had the added pressure of remote live or recorded lessons.  Finally a well done to Mr Winson for scheduling and overseeing a great PSHE day for Year 7.



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