Work Experience

Work experience will be taking place from Monday 18th May 2020 - Friday 22nd May 2020. Students have been issued with coloured forms depending on what their next step will be. These need to be returned before Christmas break so that we can approve/arrange placements.

Green Forms – For students arranging their own placement: Please make contact with the employer of your choice who you wish to do the placement with, there is a section on there for the employer to fill in. Once filled in and signed please return to school and we will get it approved.

Pink Forms – For students who need help finding their own placement: Please fill in the preferences for careers areas, sign and return to school, we will then arrange a selection of best fitting placements that the student will have to choose from.

For more information or for spare forms please either speak to your tutor or myself, many thanks.

Mr Winson

work experience

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