Oxford University Visit

On Thursday 22nd February a group of students from Years 7, 8 and 9 took part in a rewards visit to Oxford University. The students chosen were rewarded for winning a Dragon’s Den style inter-tutor group competition and were the award winners for their year group. The trip began with a talk explaining how students should already be planning their post 16 and post 18 education plans. They were given tips and ideas on how to improve their own learning and to encourage independent study. It was stressed how working hard in school now is the first step to getting into a top university. Even in years 7-9 students should consider wider reading around their subjects, using the internet for learning and listening to programmes on radio 4. Two students studying at Oxford explained that getting into Oxford is accessible for all students; one of the students who spoke was from a state school in Southampton. To inspire the students further the group were then taken on a guided tour of Lincoln College, visiting the formal dining hall, the Chapel, the bar and students’ common room as well as walking around the quads and gardens.

Oxford Uni 1

Below are some of the students, comments on the day:

“In my opinion the trip was full of surprises and it was really inspirational from an educational prospective. It was a smashing trip!” - Arash Najd

“I really enjoyed this cracking visit to oxford today. I found it very interesting how the university was set up! It was an excellent day out and I will have to return here soon.” - Mason Knight

“In my opinion this trip was amazing as we could see how the university look like as it’s the famous university and the staff who took us to oxford were amazing!” - Minshal Muneer

“Today was a fun day because we saw Oxford University and learned that they have 250 courses to study altogether! It was a wonderful trip with the teachers.” - Layla Taylor

Oxford Uni 2

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