Operation Live

The Regents Park science department would like to extend a massive thank you to the staff at Richard Taunton Sixth Form College, for arranging and allowing our students to attend their ‘Operating Live’ event last week. This was a truly unique experience for our students who have aspirations to work in medicine in the future. The Year 9 and 10 students who attended were given scrubs and made to dress as surgeons. They were then tasked to care for their “patient” and prepare them for a medical operation. In the afternoon the students were given some amazing biological specimens to dissect, with the aid of staff and doctors from the Operating Live team. Students got to handle brains, eyes, hearts and lungs. They also got to witness the dissection of an intestinal tract - an experience not often afforded to GCSE students. It was truly a mesmerising day. The pictures are not for the faint hearted!

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