New Anti-Bullying Ladder

Please see our new Anti-Bullying Ladder, which will be put into effect from September. Below is an explanation of the reasons why we have researched and redesigned this.

New Anti-bullying Ladder and Anti-Bullying Ambassadors

Throughout this year at Regents Park we have been examining the effectiveness of our anti-bullying procedures. Rates of bullying at Regents Park are very low – however we are not satisfied with this – we aim to be a zero-bullying school.

With this in mind Mr Lucas questioned the entire body of students and staff to gauge their perspectives on bullying. Students and staff agreed that incidents of bullying at Regents Park are rare, and dealt with effectively.
Following on from this, Miss Cooper delivered powerful anti-bullying assemblies to all students, reinforcing messages around the impact of bullying, how to deal with it if it occurs, and what actually constitutes bullying.
Through consultation with the school community, Mr Lucas also redesigned the anti-bullying ladder to reflect the positive and quick way that bullying is dealt with at Regents Park. These ladders will be in all tutor bases and will help reassure students and guide them through the process – all designed to support students and offer the best level of care possible.

Lastly, Mr Lucas asked the students for volunteers to become the first Regents Park Anti-bullying Ambassadors. They will be high-profile friendly faces who students can go to with any concerns, if they don’t initially want to go to an adult. The Anti-bullying Ambassadors will take any concerns straight to an appropriate adult, who will begin to support the student in question through the process.

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