Google Classroom Help & Instructions

Google Classroom codes can be found on our website under the 'Curriculum' tab at the top of the page. Alternatively, please click the link below:

Instructions on how to edit documents:

If a piece of homework requires you to answer questions or make alterations to a document, please follow these instructions below:

1. Click on the piece of work (document), example picture below:

G Classroom Instructions 1

2. Click on the 3 dots on the upper right hand corner, then click "Open in New Window".

G Classroom Instructions 2

3. Then press "Open with Google Docs", which can be found at the top-middle of the page.

G Classroom Instructions 3

4. This will then open another window with the work that needs to be completed

Microsoft Word / PowerPoint is not needed to complete homework. Homework can be done using the free Google Docs / Google Slides application.

G Classroom Instructions 4

5. Press 'File' then 'Make a Copy' and make sure to give your document an appropriate name, for example you may want to include your own name - see below. Take note of where you have saved this, in this case we will save it in the folder, 'My Drive'. Then you can continue to edit the document and produce your work.

G Classroom Instructions 9

6. Once you have finished your work. Saves are made automatically so you do not need to manually press a 'Save' button. Work is saved within your 'Google Drive', which you can access when you go to upload your work from Google Classroom. Click on the 'Add or Create' button as shown below.

G Classroom Instructions 5

7. Then press 'Google Drive' to locate your finished work.

G Classroom Instructions 6

8. Click on 'My Google Drive'.

G Classroom Instructions 10

9. Locate your work you edited and named and press the 'add' button.

G Classroom Instructions 11

10. When you are sure you have finished, press the 'Hand In' button. This sends your completed work to your teacher to mark.

G Classroom Instructions 12

If you are still experiencing difficulties with Google Classroom, please contact us on 02380 325444 or email us at


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