Absence Information

Reporting an absence:

Absence Line: 023 888072 5712 - Please leave student's name, tutor group and reason for absence. You must call in on every single day of absence.

If you fail to report your child's absence, then we will send you an automated message asking why your child is not in school. Please respond to this message as soon as possible.

Providing medical evidence:

If your child is too unwell to be in school, then you need to provide medical evidence to ensure this absence is authorised.

Examples of medical evidence: A letter from the doctor or a medical prescription.We can administer painkillers and other medication at school as long as the parent has supplied the tablets and we have a signed consent form from the parent/guardian.

Term Time Holidays:

There are 175 days outside of term time to use for holidays.
A 2 week holiday during term time will reduce your child's attendance to 94.7%.
A fixed penalty notice will be issued for any unauthorised holidays within term time.

Medical Appointments:

Doctor, dentist and hospital appointments are to be made outside of school hours where possible. If this is not possible, your child must attend school before and after the appointment.
Please provide us with the appointment letter/card so we can authorise this absence.

Lessons Missed:

1 day > 5 lessons missed
3 days > 15 lessons missed
1 week > 25 lessons missed
2 weeks > 50 lessons missed
3 weeks > 75 lessons missed


Students need to arrive to school by 8:20am every morning. Registration is at 8:30am.

If you child is over 30 minutes late to registration, they will receive a U code. This is an unauthorised late mark and these can contribute to a fixed penalty notice.

30 minutes late everyday for 1 week is the equivalent of missing 3 lessons a week.

U Codes Lateness

Term Time Holidays

Late Detentions

How to report your childs absence


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