COVID-19 Vaccinations Letter & Consent Form

18 Jan 2022

Reminder: Please hand in your COVID-19 vaccination consent forms to reception by the end of tomorrow Wednesday 19th January.


Please find below information and a consent form sent on behalf of Solent NHS regarding COVID-19 vaccinations.

The COVID vaccinations are due to take place in school on Thursday 20th January.  Please complete and return the consent form specifying whether you give consent or not.

The following information on the consent form must be completed, if it is not, your child will be unable to have the vaccine: 


  • Tick if this is their first or second dose of the vaccine
  • If this is their second vaccination, please indicate the date of the first vaccination - (If your child had their first vaccination in school this was on 08/10/2022)

Please note that NHS Solent require a handwritten signature on the consent form - printed copies of the consent form, are also available at reception.