Whole School Literacy

The quality of students’ written and spoken communication and an ability to read is key to success within school and beyond. At Regents Park Community College, all subject areas take responsibility for the development of reading, writing and speaking and listening. It is an expectation that students’ literacy will be a focus, regardless of the topic or curriculum area. Students can expect to produce extended writing in most subjects, with teachers giving guidance on how to do this successfully and often in a way that is subject specific, so, for example in Science students will be taught how to write like a scientist. In Humanities, students will be given clear guidance on how to structure a written response, in Maths students will be set subject specific spellings to learn and MFL’s teaching of grammar also supports learning of the English language. A common approach to the assessment of literacy ensures students get a consistent message across the curriculum.

In addition to written communication, staff at Regents Park Community College will focus on developing spoken communication. Again this is central to learning. In PE students will be taught effective communication skills in terms of coaching others; in Drama, quality performances are encouraged by a clear and specific focus on the power of spoken language and in Business Studies, students will be taught how to give formal presentations.

Finally, a culture of reading is established primarily through English, where students in Years 7 and 8 have timetabled reading lessons, usually in the well-stocked library. Regular reading homework is set and student reading logs encourage home/school agreement and a shared responsibility. Students are given reading lists to encourage them to explore genres. Subject specific reading lists are also employed to extend classroom learning.

In addition to these core expectations, literacy is enriched through a programme of events and extra-curricular activities:


  • Enrichment club, aimed at the most-able students in Years 7,8 and 9 – weekly after school
  • Book swap club, aimed at promoting a love of reading with PP students – weekly lunch club
  • Debate Club – weekly lunch club
  • Film Club – weekly after school club showing the films of popular books

National Competitions:

  • NHS 70 – celebrating the success of our NHS through creative responses
  • Stranger Sagas 2018
  • Poetry Escape 2018
  • Cunard ‘Captain for a day’ 2018
  • Welcome to Wonderland 2018
  • National Handwriting Competition
  • MFL Spelling Bee

Internal Competitions include:

  • Regular reading challenges run through the library
  • Poetry Slam – Year 8
  • Shakespeare Slam– Year 9
  • Year 7 Spelling Bee

‘Word of the week’ is circulated and shared with tutees on a weekly basis

Thursdays is an allocated literacy slot for KS3

Yearly Year 7 enrichment visit to the Harry Potter studio tour

Year 10 Barbican theatre trip to watch Romeo and Juliet performance

‘Regents Reads’ reading campaign – pictures of staff around school (mainly the English corridor) showing staff from all subjects and their favourite titles. This links with: ‘A book in every bag…’ poster campaign, and policy, displayed around school.

Other Activities and Events

  • ‘Read for Good’ annual readathon – national sponsored reading event to raise money for children’s charities – summer 2018
  • Annual participation in BBC School Report
  • World Book Day – ‘A Story in Six Sections’, fancy dress and other activities
  • World Book Night: Staff Volunteers
  • Poet Laureate – one student with special talent for poetry
  • Literacy Police: a group of young grammarians to help check and promote good literacy
  • Poems on the Corridor: formal framed displays of students’ poetry
  • A School of Poetry: school themed poems on display in all areas of RPCC, even the swimming pool!
  • Poems in Reception: selected students’ poetry for visitors to read
  • The Gift of a Good Read: Christmas book presents to teacher nominated PP students.

The Biannual School Production: This year was ‘Oh What a Lovely War’

Regular professional development training sessions for staff, linked to teaching and learning, include:

  • Literacy champions – representatives from each department
  • Bridging the gap between KS2 – KS3 training for all staff, focusing on teaching grammar
  • The important of conciseness in written responses.



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