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We want you to know that languages are fun as well as being very useful both for your future career and if you have a desire to see the world. Did you know that many top universities like you to have a GCSE in a foreign language even if you decide not to study it at A Level?

Our school is very proud to offer French and Spanish, which are studied from Year 7 and are available as a GCSE choice.

Students with second languages from across the world are actively encouraged to consider taking the GCSE to demonstrate their skill if there is a qualification available in their home language.

GCSE examinations and courses for French and Spanish are changing. As the new GCSE is much more practical, the MFL department aims to provide students opportunities to develop the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing in French/Spanish so that they will be able to communicate efficiently and with more confidence with French/Spanish speakers around the world.

We will encourage students to develop their knowledge of the French/Spanish speaking world by using a variety of exciting and authentic sources. We aim to teach students a range of vocabulary and grammatical structures and encourage them to improve their spelling and pronunciation in order to express their ideas in the assessed language. The students will also be taught to translate sentences and paragraphs from English to French/Spanish and from French/Spanish to English.

We are keen to arrange educational visits to enable you to practise your skills. We currently visit Lille and Boulogne and are looking at adding an educational visit to Spain.

Keep looking on this page and we will show you how to succeed in your GCSE and enjoy it!

We plan to develop some more online activities for you. Currently we can access some games and language activities at for Key Stage 3, and Key Stage 4, so why not give it a try?

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