“The more you know about the past, the better prepared you are for the future” Theodore Roosevelt

History offers students a selective but challenging and entertaining journey through time, from the days of the Medieval Kings through to the Assassination of Kennedy and the Fall of the Berlin Wall!

Study units are organised around a series of major key questions which students are encouraged to answer according to their ability. The key questions invite students to explore the main historical concepts and skills visiting and revisiting issues of change, cause and consequence, empathy and source evaluation.

The department is fully committed to meeting the needs of students with differing abilities. We are proud of our wide range of teaching materials and strategies which, along with imaginative flexible and responsive teaching, are key weapons in the battle for students’ interest and enthusiasm.

At GCSE level the department offers Modern World History which broadens and deepens understanding and knowledge acquired at the end of Key Stage 3.

We enhance our curriculum with a variety of off-site visits which takes history outside of the classroom. All of these visits link to the curriculum and allow students to see history in action.

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