Geography is a dynamic, interesting and entirely relevant subject. It is taught in a manner reflecting this. Topics covered show a mix of human and physical geography and have been selected for their relevance to the world around us. They all encompass local, regional and global scales allowing the students to recognise their place in a seemingly gigantic world. In Key Stage 3 traditional topics such as population and plate tectonics stand alongside more contemporary issues such as Africa, China and health. Literacy and numeracy are embedded, meaning students develop these crucial cross-curricular skills whilst learning how they can be applied to Geography.

Key Stage 4 follows the Edexcel A syllabus and includes a range of subject areas such as settlements, rivers, coasts, plate tectonics and tourism.

Field trips are an integral part of Geography at Regents Park Community College and students in Key Stage 3 and 4 can expect to visit a variety of destinations such as the Dorset Coast, Isle of Wight and of course the New Forest.

The department emphasises excellent teaching and learning. Geography can, and should be, a fascinating subject and is taught with the enthusiasm and challenge it deserves!

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