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The course followed by Years 7, 8 and 9 consists of a balanced carousel that covers key areas such as Resistant Materials, Ugly DollFood Technology, Textiles and Graphic Design.

Within all areas students cover core elements within design technology that focus on students’ ability to explore design concepts, analyse existing products, develop a range of practical skills and produce products according to a design specifications. Each area of study allows students the opportunity to work practically with a range of tools, equipment, materials and machinery within workshops and classrooms designed for each subject. Favourite projects include ‘Ugly Dolls’ , ‘Pop up Books’ and ‘Pinball Games’.

The technology department also has its own computer suite that supports the work across all areas as well as CAD/CAM. These provide a foundation for students to build on should they consider taking a technology based subject at Key Stage 4.

The courses the school currently offers at Key Stage 4 are: GCSE in Resistant Materials and GCSE Catering – Food Technology. As we build and develop our curriculum, we continually review the provision and courses we offer at Key Stage 4 to meet the needs and interests of our students. In the forthcoming academic year we aim to offer students the opportunity to study GCSE Textiles.

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